Programme Management

Programme Management

EDOLAD is run by a dedicated team of researchers drawn from the participating institutions.

EDOLAD Programme Committee:

EDOLAD Supervising Staff

EDOLAD can call upon a wide range of faculty members across the six participating institutions to provide doctoral supervision. Here you will find information on their research interests and contact information.

EDOLAD researchers

EDOLAD: Himani Bhakuni
Himani Bhakuni

Project title: Socio-ethico-legal dilemmas of 'informed consent' as applicable to human subject research in India.

Prof. Anne Griffiths & Dr. Gerard Porter (Edinburgh), & Prof. Morag Goodwin (Tilburg)
EDOLAD: Hennie Coetzee
Hennie Coetzee

Project title: Unconventional natural gas: Regulating the nexus between energy security and water security

Prof. Willemien du Plessis (NWU) & Prof. Jonathan Verschuuren (Tilburg)
EDOLAD: Aled Dilwyn Fisher
Aled Dilwyn Fisher

Project title: Ecological crisis, social opportunity? Ecology, commons and human rights beyond the market and state in India and Norway

Prof. Anne Hellum & Dr. Ingunn Ikdahl (Oslo), & Dr. Jamie Cross (Edinburgh)
EDOLAD: Kirandeep Kaur
Kirandeep Kaur

Project title: Rights, Status and Asylum: Unheard Voices in the Struggle for Transnational Community Development

Prof. Morag Goodwin (Tilburg) & Prof. Anne Hellum (Oslo)
EDOLAD: Casilda Zarauz
Casilda Zarauz

Project title: Legal Responsibility of Spain for the activity of non-state actors in indigenous territories: extra-territorial application of Convention 169 of the ILO

Prof. Felipe Gómez Isa (Deusto) & Dr. Daniel Augenstein (Tilburg)

Advisory Board

Class of 2016
Angela van der Berg

Municipal Planning Law and Policy for ‘Sustainable Cities’ in South Africa

Prof. Anél du Plessis (NWU) & Prof. Jonathan Verschuuren (Tilburg)