How to Apply

How to Apply

There are two routes into the EDOLAD programme:

Route 1: Candidates can apply for scholarships provided by the participating institutions. The details and deadlines of these scholarships vary by institution. Information is posted on the news section of this website, on our Facebook site and also distributed by the usual methods, such as Academic Transfer.

Route 2: Candidates can also apply directly to the EDOLAD programme. This requires that candidates provide their own funding for participating in the programme, either by self-funding or by receiving an external scholarship. Given the intensive nature of the programme, it is not possible to work alongside participation in the programme.

The deadline for Route 2 applicants is 30 October for a start in February the following year.

All candidates will be interviewed via skype and their application is subject to approval by the EDOLAD Programme Committee.

While admission may occur throughout the year, the EDOLAD year begins in February of each year.