The European Joint Doctorate in Law and Development (EDOLAD) is an innovative doctoral programme in the field of Law and Development based upon co-operation between six universities: Tilburg University (NL), Deusto University (E), Oslo University (N), Tartu University (EE), the University of Edinburgh (UK) and North-West University (ZA). The programme started life as a three-year Erasmus Mundus Lifelong Learning Programme Project, funded by the European Union, and launched in January 2015.

The goal of the EDOLAD programme is to make a significant contribution to the need for knowledge-driven development policy-making, and to do so via a doctoral programme in Law and Development that significantly improves the range and quality of higher education in this field. We are realising this goal in three key ways:

  • by producing high-quality doctoral dissertations on the role of law in the development context that are based upon locally-identified needs;
  • by producing graduates of the programme that have been trained in an multi-disciplinary approach to law and development and that have the necessary skill set, including extensive research fieldwork experience, to pursue their careers across the development sector;
  • by developing a programme and core curriculum that moves post-graduate education in this field forward and from which other institutions can learn.

The EDOLAD doctorate is a three-year full-time programme, starting each year in February.

For more on why we felt that the EDOLAD programme was necessary, click here