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Designing Joint Doctorates & Better L&D Education

EDOLAD was set up by a (at that time) loose group of scholars scattered across a number of universities in Europe and South Africa who were frustrated at the direction of much Law & Development education, at least that within Law Schools:

  • an increasing specialisation leading to a blindness to the history of L&D and to even the most basic knowledge of the key areas of the field; and
  • an unwillingness of researchers to conduct substantive fieldwork and a wariness of institutions to support it, leading to a loss of skills within L&D.

We came together to form the EDOLAD project to design a doctoral programme that addressed what we saw as these negative trends. Moreover, by going for a joint doctorate we could pool expertise and knowledge – essential in building our core curriculum – and share best practice in doctoral education so that we could create a high-quality doctoral programme. For example, we shared our rules and practice on doctoral supervision and, from the six sets, constructed our own rules and practice that took the best from each.

It was hard work to build this programme, bringing together six academic cultures and six very different sets of rules and practices for doctoral education. We wish to share how we did this.

We also want to encourage lecturers and teachers of L&D to explore the possibility of improving the education they offer at bachelor, master or doctoral level by using elements of our programme, such as our module plans, or our programme design or our stakeholder inclusion plans. We are happy to share and ask only for an acknowledgement of the source of any borrowing.

Here you find all of our project ‘deliverables’. Happy sharing!