The EDOLAD programme is a full-time three year programme of doctoral study. The emphasis in this programme is on knowledge sharing: within the EDOLAD community of students and faculty, within the broader community of Law & Development, between the Global South and North, and with local communities and within society more generally.

This programme is designed to create future L&D researchers D who are capable of generating new knowledge within the field of L&D and of communicating it. In particular, EDOLAD graduates have mastered a key set of marketable and transferable competences.

There are a number of unique elements to the EDOLAD programme that help us achieve this:

  • The first is a core curriculum taught by staff from EDOLAD institutions, most of which takes place within the first four months of the first year. This provides students with an intensive training in inter-disciplinary research methodologies, as well as skills training and tuition in key substantive areas of law and development.
  • The second key aspect of the EDOLAD programme is the compulsory fieldwork element. All EDOLAD doctoral participants are required to conduct fieldwork as part of their doctoral research. The programme facilitates this through EDOLAD associated partners throughout the world. Students will be assisted in drawing up a fieldwork plan during the course of their first year of studies.
  • The third unique element of the EDOLAD programme concerns the mobility of both students and staff between the institutions of the EDOLAD consortium, and further afield. All EDOLAD students will be assigned two co-supervisors from different partners within the consortium; they will conduct most of their research at the home institutions of their supervisors.  In addition, each EDOLAD candidate will be assigned an advisor drawn from the L&D industry to facilitate their research and to ease their transfer to the workplace.

For more information about the programme and its unique features, you can view more details of the core curriculum under the Training tab on the front page, take a look at the FAQ or contact us